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Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 8.0


Axon.ivy Portal.

There was no stone unturned. We completely reinvented and redesigned the Axon.ivy Portal. Our end users will be impressed of its unique usability, full responsive behavior and plain UI concept. The Axon.ivy Portal is the secret jewel of the platform.

New Theme.

Completely new UI concept with a state-of-the-art theme and outstanding UX.

Express 2.0.

Axon.ivy Express offers easy integration capabilities using DataProviders.

Group Chat.

The chat is completely new and allows case-related, fully protocolled group chats.


Fully flexible charts with own styling and “make-your-own-chart” features.






Hours of hard work.


Consumed Coffees.


Running the Axon.ivy Engine in an isolated container has become a lot easier. This means that the barriers between Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and all other container orchestration platforms have been broken down! The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform is now fully ready for modern runtime platforms. Have you tried your docker installation already?

Docker Container Image.

Get your ivy docker image on docker hub today!

Fully isolated.

Your process app is completely isolated from the outside world.

Build once, run everywhere.

Once a docker image is generated it can be run on every system that supports Docker.

Highly Configurable.

The days of manual installations and the related chatty documentation are over!

Don't start from scratch.

We have a lot of demo examples for you. Don’t miss to stop by the new Axon.ivy Market. Anything that is missing in your project work you will find in our new store. The Axon.ivy Market will be enhanced continuously offering free of charge and paid modules. Stay tuned!

Axon.ivy Market

AXON Ivy in the Cloud.

Do you want your AXON Ivy cloud environment up-and-running in 5 minutes? Nothing easier than that. Get your 30 days free trial now and benefit from a fully equipped Axon.ivy Engine. 15 minutes later, you will have your first Axon.ivy Express process deployed and ready to use. Wanna bet?

Isn't it ironic? Digital Process Automation claims to automate business processes in a fast, agile and enterprise-wide way. However, it usually takes a few days for such systems to be put into operation. After everything is up and running, it usually takes another few days until the first process goes live. Not so with the new AXON IVY Cloud Services.

In a nutshell: It's AXON Ivy out of the socket.

You don't need your own server environment, we provide you with everything. As soon as you have registered, you will receive the login information for your personal cloud environment within a few minutes. You can then try it out for 30 days free of charge without any restrictions. With the included Axon.ivy Express module, you can also create your first process in less than 15 minutes. A deployment for Express processes is not necessary.

As soon as you decide you use the AXON IVY Cloud Services in a productive environment, you can either choose to run the Axon.ivy Engine in your own infrastructure (contact info@axonivy.com for on premise licensing) or subscribe for a cloud price plan.

Brand New Engine Cockpit.

We started from scratch and created a totally new, completely web-enabled and modern engine administration. A dashboard provides a quick overview, while all necessary customizations and settings can be done easily and with just a few clicks. Engine administrators will love it!


The dashboard provides you a quick overview of your running engine. There is real time information about open sessions, user count, working tasks and deployed applications.

Security System.

Configure any security system in no time. Get in addition a clear overview of all security systems in use.


As an engine administrator you want to have an eye on your systems. Use the monitor section to get a fast overview about CPUs, memory load and network speed.

We did much more.

There is not enough space to list every new feature of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. What the brand new version 8.0 promises is to make your work more efficient and to delight your digital process automation journey with a great performance, outstanding usability and maximized agility!

Custom Fields Support.

Customize your task and case list as needed. The API even allows searching and filtering.

Html Dialog Override.

Don’t copy your projects. Make them reusable! It is now possible to override Html Dialogs.

New Documentation Concept.

Redesigned, unified, refurnished and more user-friendly. The documentation is brand new and full-text searchable.

Debian Installer Package.

The Axon.ivy Engine is now available as a Debian package. Install & run with one click.

New Webservice Library.

Completely new webservice library to connect to any webservice out there. With all W-Security standards.

Dark Mode Support & HDPI.

The Axon.ivy Designer shines with new display options and runs best with high resolution screens.

Native MAC & GTK3 Support.

Run the Axon.ivy Designer with the operating system you know and love most.

Java 11 Powered.

Java 11 is the LTS (Long Term Support) version with a lot of new features.

In need of free support?

The community of our popular Q&A is increasing daily!

Get direct access now.

stacks up.

There are many reasons to choose the award-winning Digital Business Platform that has been engineered with Swiss precision. Have a look how AXON Ivy stacks up with its competitors.


  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience

Software and
Maintenance Cost

Enterprise BPM

  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience

Software and
Maintenance Cost


  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience
Software and
Maintenance Cost

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