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Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 7.0


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No internet connection available? Keep working offline and synchronize later.

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Start your process work directly from the app using the new navigation.

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Make work even easier using the geolocation features of your device.

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Adaptive Case Management.

AXON IVY has always been the best in automating well-structured processes. But only 20% of the processes are suited for such an automation approach. In the age of digitalization, loosely coupled processes are key to be successful. Therefore, Adaptive Case Management (ACM) enters the scene. AXON IVY introduces three major concepts for ACM.

Does your process model look like a full plate of delicious Italian spaghetti? Then your process might not be suitable for a structured automated workflow following a happy path!

There is no need to worry about that anymore! With the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 7.0 you can integrate your unstructured processes in an easy way. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the right answer for you.

Start any case and add simultaneously new roles and tasks while doing your process work. The brand-new engine is able to execute ad hoc processes and add any additional task with 1-click only.

ACM is very important for any company embarking on its digitalization journey. Agility and maximum flexibility is a must for your Digital Transformation.

Getting rid of your spaghetti process model is the first step to achieving it. To meet this need, processes need to be loosely coupled and not be strictly glued together. The concept of signals is made for this. Processes can be linked to one another, no matter when and where this process is designed. A signal code is the reference to decide if a process is triggered by another or not.

Now that we have loosely coupled processes, there might be a need for sharing data within these processes. This is only possible if the data can be manipulated and changed independently. Classic SQL schemas don’t allow this and, therefore, the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 7.0 provides a schema-less datastore that is accessible by multiple processes at the very same time.

So far so good! Now we’re almost there. What we need is to have the big picture of the whole case. This picture is a set of processes (let’s call them case folders or business cases) that share the same data. The concept of a Case Map models the big picture in a graphical way and guarantees to be as adaptive and flexible as possible.

It’s as simple as it seems: define stages, to stage-related processes and side step processes that can be triggered in an ad hoc way. There we are: Adaptive Case Management (ACM) at its finest! Welcome to the world of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 7.0!

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Axon.ivy Portal.

The Axon.ivy Portal has been greatly improved. It has never been as user-friendly as now and will delight all users with new and free functionalities. Don’t miss the opportunity of using the free modules «Axon.ivy Selfservice» and «Axon.ivy Express».

Ad hoc.

Start your ad-hoc processes anytime and anywhere using Axon.ivy Selfservice.


Missing any information? Chat with your peers to get instant help.


Simply draw your processes online and execute them directly in the portal.


Keep an overview with real-time monitoring, individual dashboards and comparisons.

Brand new Engine configuration.

Do you believe us when we say that you can now setup your Axon.ivy Engine and execute your ad hoc process in less than 15 minutes? AXON IVY helps you install your engine the fastest and easiest way ever. Try it out now!


The intuitive user interface guides you step by step through the configuration of the server.

Direct feedback.

You can’t go wrong with direct feedback and instant validation.


Some experts prefer to configure and admin the server via console. Just do it!

Brand new REST client editor.

RESTful web services integration made easy! REST web services can now be configured as easy as SOAP web services. Once defined in the Axon.ivy Designer, you can use and consume REST web services directly in your BPMN process model.

REST client definition.

You can now find Rest Clients within the definition tree.

REST client editor.

All you need is the URI of the RESTful web service. Different environment support is self-evident!

REST client process element.

Send dynamic process data to a remote REST web services. The fastest configuration and mapping ever!

REST call logging and monitoring.

External REST web services can now be logged and monitored for better support and error handling.

We did much more.

There is not enough space to list every new feature of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. What 7.0. AXON IVY promises is to make your work more efficient and to delight your digitalization initiative with a great performance, outstanding usability and maximized agility!

Business Case Context.

Annotate a data class as «BusinessCaseContext» and it’s automatically stored in the new BusinessData repository.

Rule Files Folder.

All the rule files are saved in a rule folder. You can access the rules (even if they are external) directly from the tree.

Role Members.

We have introduced the concept of Member Roles, which simplifies the configuration and administration of roles.

Better Icon Browser.

FontAwesome icons are now easily integrated and can be browsed and searched easily.

HTML Dialog Editor.

You can now configure and manipulate components as well as drag&drop them.

Sample Project Import.

The new samples icon on the welcome screen makes it easy to import the Axon.ivy sample projects.

Axon.ivy Extensions.

For better access and overview, all extensions are now stored and maintained in the dropins folder.

WebService Options.

There are two new options to control how SOAP web service request parameters are mapped.

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stacks up.

There are many reasons to choose the award winning Digital Business Platform that has been engineered with Swiss precision. Have a look how AXON IVY stacks up with its competitors.


  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience

Software and
Maintenance Cost

Enterprise BPM

  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience

Software and
Maintenance Cost


  • Agility

  • Designed for Process Orchestration

  • Designed for use across departments and third-party

  • Optimized User Experience
Software and
Maintenance Cost

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